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Product Support- TOPS Connect Sync Guide



The TOPS Connect API is the means by which TOPS Partners can communicate with the TOPS Professional and TOPS iQ customer data.

The core piece of this service is the TOPS Connect Sync, which exchanges data from the customer’s on-premises TOPS data directory and the TOPS API Cloud. TOPS Partners interact with the TOPS API Cloud to offer products and services.


Setup & Requirements 

The TOPS Connect Sync application is a Windows service that must be installed on the TOPS data server machine.

The standard TOPS Professional and TOPS iQ system requirements apply to the TOPS Connect Sync.

Versioning of the service is controlled solely by TOPS Software and is managed in the TOPS API Cloud.

TOPS Software must provision a customer for the TOPS Connect API in order for their data to be available via the TOPS Connect API.



Additional Download Files 

TOPS Connect Sync Console Default File.Zip

TOPS Connect Sync Console Logging File.Zip

Sync- Full Install.Zip

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